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Welcome to Blender to Printer. Where we focus on teaching 3d modeling specifically for 3d printing.

3d Modeling and 3d Modeling FOR 3d Printing are different

When you're modeling for 3d printing, the most important thing you need to keep in mind, is whether that design you're creating is going to print or not.

Here at Blender to Printer, we focus on just that. We teach you how to 3d model SPECIFICALLY for 3d printing. Trust me, that donut isn't going to print....

We focus on 2 things, 3d modeling and 3d printing.

Blender is powerful. Maybe too powerful. It can be overwhelming. There are so many things you can do with Blender, but you dont really need to know all of them to be able to design your creation. You just need to know the 4 basic commands, and that’s enough that you can make anything you want with it. 

3d design is hard enough, but 3d design for 3d printing is a bit different than normal 3d design such as it needs to be all one continuous mesh or it wont print. It’s not harder, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to design and 3d print anything you want. 


In 14 Days you’ll go from zero experience with Blender, to being able to design anything you want and bring it to life with your 3d printer.

blender to printer testimonial

Sterling Hayden


blender to printer testimonial
Off and running

"I got this last weekend, and I just have to say I have been working on my own helmet for a couple days now. I am loving this so much. Nikko you are very informative and after learning the basics like you teach in the course I am off and running. thank you so much for this opportunity."

It's a great skill

This course is pretty awesome. Just a few classes and it opens you up to different ideas you can come up with. Granted I dont sell any of these yet, it's a great skill to add to your belt.

-Jon Liao

Here's What You'll be Learning

  Blender in 14 Days
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As part of this course, I'm also including the Helmet section of the Design Your Own Mandalorian Course,