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This is the ONLY course that teaches you how to design and 3d print your own armor

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Be Your Own Bounty Hunter

Design your own unique and one of a kind Mandalorian armor from scratch using Blender.

This course specifically has 3d printing in mind so that you can design and 3d print your own Mandalorian armor.

You'll learn design techniques meant for 3d printing so you can bring your armor to life.

Design Your Own Mandalorian Armor
Go from this, to this-->

We'll go from a simple cube, and design it to look like a helmet.

Design Your Own Mandalorian Armor
Then we'll bring it to life, like this -->

After designing it, we'll make sure it's 3d printable. And bring it to life using a 3d printer.

Design Your Own Mandalorian Armor
Now You're Your Own Bounty Hunter

Imagine all the things you can design and create!

Let's Make You a Bounty Hunter

how to design in blender for 3d printing
Julio Holgado

Nikko’s tutorials in his class are pretty awesome. This 45 year old man is able to learn this shit. Never thought that was possible considering I’ve done the donut tutorial from the blender guru several times and I get stuck. Thank you Nikko

how to design in blender for 3d printer
Jon Goerss

I got this last weekend, and I just have to say I have been working on my own helmet for a couple days now. I am loving this so much. Nikko you are very informative and after learning the basics like you teach in the course I am off and running. thank you so much for this opportunity.

blender to 3d printer
Jeff Hironaga

Totally Worth It!!!!! Had no Experience in Design!!!! I was able to Finish the course this weekend!! I Printed Individual Items on a small scale every time I finished as lesson!!!! Nikko You Da Man!!!!!!!!!