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"I have messed with Blender but to create figures. It was super frustrating. This actually makes sense and am having fun with it! This is going to rock the Cosplay and 3D printing world!"

--Garret Bertrand, YouTuber(3d Print Farm)

The ONLY Course Teaches How to Model for 3d Printing In Blender

This is the Blender to Printer Academy. The ONLY course that teaches you how to design armor and props from our favorite video games and movies and bring them to life using a 3d printer.

We'll turn this, into this-->

We use Blender, a POWERFUL yet FREE, 3d design software. And we take simple shapes and turn them into INCREDIBLE THINGS!

Then, we bring it to life using a 3d Printer, like this->

We design our things like armor and props from our favorite video games and movies, then bring them to life using a 3d printer.

Bring out your inner nerd!

What will you make with the skills that you'll learn!? Will you be Wolverine? A Gundam? Bring to life anything you want!

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Free to Everyone!

Free to Everyone!

Nikko’s Blender tutorial is absolutely incredible! I’m actually learning to create stuff I actually enjoy and will use, like custom Mandalorian armor. No more doughnuts! Plus, Nikko teaches at a pace that my newborn Blender brain can comprehend. Add on that all updates and new tutorial videos are free and it’s a no brainer. The time I save doing his tutorials instead of trying to figure it out on my own or by cruising through YouTube videos gives me more time to watch midget green jello wrestling in my backyard. Well worth it.

--Shane Whitecloud, US Army Vet